New Blu-ray Disc Release Prices Drop Over 10%


Blu-ray disc prices are on the decline.

According to a report, pricing on new Blu-ray discs has fallen 12% from a year ago, and 33% for older catalog titles that are out.

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Have you noticed that Blu-ray discs aren’t as expensive these days? Maybe it depends where you buy them, but according to reports, prices on new releases are in fact about 10 percent down from what they were a year ago.

Video Business reports that average new release retail price on Blu-rays fell 12 percent to $23.47 between July 2008 and July 2009, while catalog pricing was even better—down 33 percent to $17.23. Numbers are from Rentrak results that measure single-disc theatrical Blu-ray titles.

Furthermore, NPD Group research has noted pretty nice declines on new and old discs in 2009 alone, adds VB. July average pricing on Blu-ray titles—single- and multi-disc choices—older than six months was $19.99, down from a May peak of $27.72. New release pricing in July was $23.62, from a high of $28.02 in February.

That’s all pretty good news for Blu-ray fans. Now the question is, is it enough to bring DVD fans into the format?

Blu-ray players themselves are offering many more features than just Blu-ray playback, so that’s a good carrot, especially for those who look to Netflix and Amazon for on-demand viewing, for example. Plus player prices are dropping as well.

Other Video Business sources noted $12.99 to $14.99 as the sweet spot for retailers selling more Blu-ray discs, though those are frequently sales prices. However, DVD sales will often bring those discs down to $5 or below, so which will you choose?

If you do purchase Blu-rays, what’s your main method? Initial week of release pricing from say, Amazon or Best Buy, to take advantage of sales? Online discount pricing from places like iNetVideo or Maybe the used racks from regional favorites like a Newbury Comics?

Or do you pay a Netflix surcharge and just rent discs, perhaps also scoring freebie rentals from your local library?

If you have made the move to Blu-ray, let us know your purchasing strategies in comments below.

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