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GOLD WINNER: Best Integrated Home $15K-$50K

Homeowners chose only the most important electronics, and left their upgrade options wide open.

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It’s easy to get carried away when you’re a tech enthusiast like the owner of this 6,000-square-foot house in Deerfield, Ill. “The sky really is the limit,” he says of his home electronics research. The options galore didn’t sway him from a firm budget, though. He and his wife stood their ground, applying the bulk of their cash toward the design and construction of their new house and spending cautiously on high-tech amenities. “We really had to prioritize and separate our needs from our wants,” says the homeowner.

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If there’s one thing the family needed, it was a whole-house music system “When we joined the project they already had thousands of songs—an equivalent to almost 2 terabytes of storage space—packed onto the hard drives their family PCs,” says Jacek Zaworski, president of Chicago–based Procom Enterprises. “Even more remarkable, they were playing that music through the tiny speakers of the PCs.”

Per Procom’s suggestion, the entire MP3 collection was transferred onto a single custom-built media server. A high-def cable box, TiVo unit, Blu-ray player, XM radio tuner and iPod docking station were added to the system and connected to separate audio and video switchers so that all types of media—both audio and video—could be streamed simultaneously to seven flat-panel TVs, dozens of interior and exterior speakers and several laptop computers. Content from the assortment of A/V components, which share a common equipment rack in the basement, travels over a robust cabling infrastructure that was installed by Procom while the house was being built.

With such a wide variety of media available, Procom knew the family would need a way to easily access and control the equipment from several locations. A standard whole-house audio/video control system could have done the job, but the family envisioned much more than just music and video pickings for their high-tech home. For less than the price of a high-end A/V distribution system, the family was able to afford a Control4 home automation system. In addition to operating the A/V setup, the system would be able to control light switches, thermostats, security sensors and other devices. Again, with the budget in mind, only a basic Ademco security system, a few surveillance cameras, and a few light switches in the common areas ended up being connected to the Control4 devices.

Automation was kept to a minimum, as well. The exterior lights switch on at dusk and off at sunrise automatically; other than that, it’s a touch, a push or a click that sets everything in motion. Four Control4 remotes provide an easy way to interact with the electronics. Any remote can turn on any TV, and once that TV is on, the family can use the remote to navigate a menu of control options displayed on the screen. Should the doorbell ring while the menu, a movie or a TV program is playing, the screen temporarily switches to a real-time image captured by a security camera at the front door. “The camera view stays on for 30 seconds then switches back to the show,” the homeowner says.

Control comes in other convenient forms, too. For example, Procom loaded Control4’s mobile app, My House, into the owners’ iPhone so they can use it to scroll through the menu and initiate commands. “I tend to use the app more than the remotes because my iPhone is almost always in my pocket,” says the owner. Two 7-inch Control4 touchpanels—one built into the kitchen wall and the other in the downstairs rec room—can be used for full home control as well. Lastly, each of the home’s three floors has its own three-button Control4 keypad. Unlike the other user interfaces, the keypads were programmed specifically to prepare the house for parties.

Certain lights and music zones activate depending on which button is pressed. Engaging the party 1 button, for example, switches on all of the first-floor lights and transmits music from a docked iPod to every first-floor speaker. party 2 adds the downstairs lights and speakers to the mix, while party 3 includes the outdoor entertainment area. “It’s a lot easier to get the house ready this way than by turning on several individual switches,” says the homeowner. After the guests have left, the owners can retire to their bedroom and turn off everything from a Control4 remote, iPhone or wall-mounted keypad.

With a robust cabling backbone, plentiful interfaces and a future-friendly control system, the house is primed to handle a lot more technology. The homeowners are taking it slow, for now. Since moving into the house in October, they’ve made a few minor adjustments to the programmed settings, added a good morning lighting scene and spoken at length with Procom about future possibilities.

“The system just keeps getting better and better,” say the homeowners. “And this is just Phase 1.”

What’s in store? The owners plan to swap the standard thermostats for smart units that can be managed by their existing Control4 system. Additional lights will join the system, too. More scenes, more automation and more hardware will ensure that the tech in this house never goes out of style.

Cost Breakdown
Curious about how much cash was spent on this system? Here’s how it breaks down*:
Design $2,000
Equipment $37,000
Installation $6,000
Programming $3,000
Total spent $48,000

Plans for the future:
Thermostats: $350 each
Additional light switches: $150 each
Additional surveillance cameras: 
$125-$350 each
Additional remote control: $129
Remote access: $129 annually
*prices include the cost of materials, installation and programming.

Systems Design 
and Installation
Procom Enterprises
Chicago, Ill.

LS Home Builders
Northbrook, Ill.

Renata Heiberg
Arlington Heights, Ill.

Interior Design
Interior Design Inc.
Deerfield, Ill.

Home Size
9,500 sq. ft.

Equipment List
Open House structured wiring enclosure with cover (2)
Open House telephone hub (2)
Open House data termination 8-port hub (10)
Ademco Vista 128FBP Burglary Panel with 20 Protected Zones (1)
RS232 Control4 Connection Interface (1)
Loginex Phone Entry System (1)
Sony Sposato 6.5” Ceiling Speakers (12)
Sony Sporsato 6.5” Ceiling Speakers Stereo Speaker (3)
SpeakerCraft 6.5” In-Wall Speakers Speaker AIM LCR3.3 (2)
Klipsch Bookshelf Speakers RSX-4 (2)
SpeakerCraft Outdoor Speakers (2)
Tantra Cinemastick Speakers (2)
Klipsch Surround Speakers CDT-5650-C (6)
Klipsch Power Subwoofer RW-10d (2)
Integra Home Theater A/V Receiver 30.1 (2)
Middle Atlantic Complete Rack System Slim5 43U (1)
Panamax Power Conditioner MAX5300 (1)
Control4 Controller HC500 (1)
Control4 Controller HC200 (3)
Control4 Remotes SR250 (4)
Control4 Touchscreen 7” (2)
Control4 Ipod Dock Station (1)
Sony BDP-350 Blu-ray Player (3)
Sony 12 Zone Video Switch CACV12ES (1)
Sony Component Baluns CVB1 (12)
Control4 Amplifier 8 Zone (2)
Control4 Audio Matrix Switch (1)
Control4 Dimmer (8)
Control4 3 Button Keypad (3)
Netgear 8 Port / 4Port POE Switch (1)
Cisco Wireless Router (1)
iMon+ - Universal IR Remote for Home Theater PC (1)
All Connection Cables Monster Cable
Vandal/Water Proof, Day/Night IR 30ft. Dome Camera - 520 TV lines (2)

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