Network Your A/V, Slingbox with SlingLink Ethernet Adapters

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Sling Media’s SlingLink Turbo

Sling Media, makers of the Slingbox, have introduced a single- and multiple-port networking solution for A/V devices with its SlingLink Turbo products.

Jun. 20, 2007 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Sling Media, Inc. made watching TV on your PC a convenience. Now the company is trying to make connectivity of other A/V a convenience as well with its SlingLink Turbo products—the Turbo 4 Port and Turbo 1 Port.

The SlingLink Turbo products are packaged as a pair, with one to plug straight into an AC outlet near a router and the other connected near the device you want to network into the Ethernet port(s). The Turbo 4 Port connects up to four devices, as its name suggests, while the Turbo 1 Port provides connection for one device.

The company says the devices’ Intellon Corp. HomePlug technology and 85 Mbps PHY-rate assure a stable, speedy networking solution, and add that SlingLink Turbo is flexible for homeowners because it is not outlet-mounted. MSRPs are $149.99 for the Turbo 4 Port and $99.99 for the Turbo 1 Port.

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