Netgear Extender Aims to Eliminate WiFi Dead Spots


The plug-in WN3000RP boasts a better wireless signal within minutes.

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The deck, backyard and bedroom; having a wireless network makes it easy to have web access in spots where you may not have wiring. However, it’s not always so reliable.

Netgear wants to pitch in with its new Universal WiFi Range Extender (WN3000RP). Whether you’re using a laptop, tablet, or web-enabled HDTV, the new device should help to eliminate some of those wireless dead spots, making gaming, movies and other web activities a much smoother experience.

No Ethernet cables or other new wires are needed. The extender plugs into any existing AC outlet. LED indicators help to find the best location for the WN3000RP. It’s usually about halfway between the dead spot and your home router.

Set up is slightly easier when paired with one of Netgear’s Push ‘N’ Connect routers, which can configure everything (including password protection) at the touch of a button.

Netgear says that the extender supports 802.11b/g/n, as well as WEP, WPA and WPA2.

Netgear’s Universal WiFi Range Extender is currently available in stores and online. The MSRP is $89.99.

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