Netflix to Let You Stream as Many Rentals as You Want

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Netflix will allow unlimited access to its 6,000-plus streaming movies and TV shows

The video rental giant will offer unlimited PC streaming of its online movies and TV shows, capped only for lowest-rung subscribers.

Jan. 15, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

If you’re a Netflix fan who likes to watch movies on a PC, then you’re doubly happy today. The ubiquitous movie rental outlet has announced that it loosened its restraints on movies streamed to your PC, as long as you don’t have the lowest-tier subscription.

Instead of previous access to its 6,000-plus library of PC movies associated with your subscription fee dollars (a $16.99 per month subscriber would get 17 hours of streaming rentals per month, for example), Netflix says you can stream as much as you want now at no extra cost.

Except if you have the $4.99 per month subscription—it’s the one that limits you to two DVD rentals per month, and it’ll only get you two hours of instant PC movie watching as well.

Apparently healthy competition reaps rewards on consumers, as some have already called this a preemptive move as Apple enters the computer-streamed video rental market. Hey, more choices for movie watching is always a good thing.

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