Netflix To Deliver Movies to PCs


The mail-order DVD rental service is planning to deliver instant gratification to its subscribers.

Jan. 19, 2007 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

No more sitting on your butt waiting for movies to arrive in your mailbox. Life just got even easier. Netflix just announced that they will soon stream movies over the Web to subscribers. Speaking as a subscriber, all I can say is—“hot dog!”

Movies will only be available for viewing, not for download. Basically, it’s sort of the same gig that you’re getting now, except you’ll have to find a way to get that stream to your TV (pick one of the many methods out there).

The service will be introduced over the next six months, which is fine by me—I still won’t be through all five seasons of “Alias” yet. Unfortunately, only 1,000 movies and TV shows will be available when the service launches. However, that’s 1,000 movies at your fingertips for instant viewing.

The number of viewing hours will depend on your service plan. Those that pay $17.99 will get 18 hours of content, and so on.

  • Free to subscribers
  • Launching by end of June 2007
  • Requires one-time download of browser applet
  • 1,000 titles available at launch


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