Netflix Ditches Qwikster


The rental company is keeping DVDs and streaming under one name and one website.

Oct. 10, 2011 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Someone at Netflix appears to be having a nervous breakdown. Can you blame them?

Back in July, Netflix announced plans to separate its streaming and DVD plans. Everyone probably remembers how that panned out. Despite the outcry, Netflix went through with its new pricing plan. CEO Reed Hastings eventually sent out an apology, only to drop another bomb, saying that the company would separate the two business units even further. The DVD side would soon become Qwikster.

Um, just kidding?

Today, Hastings the CEO says that they aren’t going to do that after all. Streaming and DVD rentals will stay under the one website.

The proposed Qwikster would have made the subscription process more difficult for customers opting for both streaming and DVD plans. Instead of keeping everything under one account, users would have had to maintain two accounts, under two websites and two credit card charges. 

“Our view is with this split of the businesses, we will be better at streaming, and we will be better at DVD by mail,” Reed said in the original Qwikster announcement. “It is possible we are moving too fast—it is hard to say.”

The Qwikster website, which previously had a placeholder for the upcoming site, is already gone. It now redirects to

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