Netflix Wants Mac Users to Watch Instantly

Netflix Watch Instantly

Netflix subscribers should soon be able to watch streaming video on any Intel-based Mac.

The rental service has added Silverlight to its online viewing experience.

Oct. 27, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Are a lot of people using the “Watch Instantly” streaming feature on Netflix? Well, now a lot more people can choose it, or choose to avoid it—they’ve finally added access for Mac users.

Well, Intel-based Macs, anyway. Engadget says that the magic is brought to you by Microsoft’s Silverlight, which allows the service provider to feature “Play Ready DRM,” no matter who watches. PC users should be excited as well. Sure, we love our Mac-owning buddies, but Silverlight should also make your experience more enjoyable, boasting faster, smoother viewing. You can also fast-forward and rewind as well.

“Silverlight with Play Ready offers a powerful and secure toolkit for delivery of dynamic streaming, which offers faster start-up, and higher quality video, adapted in real time to users’ connection speeds,” said Neil Hunt, Netflix CPO. “Members who enjoy watching movies and TV episodes from the growing library of choices that can be instantly streamed at Netflix will be thrilled with this next generation improvement of access and quality, on a broader range of platforms, including Intel Macs and Firefox.”

Engadget says they aren’t sure when this will all kick in. I’m guessing not right away, since Netflix wouldn’t acknowledge my love for Firefox. That said, I am not a big fan of the “Watch Instantly” feature. It’s not that I’m down on web streaming. I guess I should just hit “play” and walk away because I can, but so few of my queue selections are available.

The whole thing is super and all, but I am wondering: Are you watching online with your Netflix account?


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