Nerf Wiimote Coming Soon

NERF N-strike Blaster

The NERF N-strike Blaster will slip on right over your exisiting Wiimote.

It's all fun and games -- especially when someone shoots an eye out.

Aug. 20, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Yes… this is as good as it sounds.

We all have fond memories of playing Nerf football or shooting hoops. Sure, each Nerf ball seemed to have a fate of getting “a bite” taken out of it at some point, but it was good, clean, foamy fun.

Now Wii players can have the same satisfaction of shooting friends in the face, without having to worry about anyone losing an eye. EA is close to releasing “NERF N-Strike,” which will include a very cool Nerf Wiimote.

According to MTV Multiplayer, the add-on will go right over your existing Wiimote. The super-cool thing about it is that it doubles as a shooter, as well as a real-life Nerf gun. That means you can attack players on-screen while simultaneously pegging them in the head right in your own living room.

MTV says that aside from the controller, the game itself isn’t all that exciting. However, will anyone even care? Gimme!

“NERF N-strike” will come with one add-on for about $60; extra blasters will cost $15 each.

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