NEC Video Wall Syncs Four Slim-Bezel LCDs

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NEC’s TileMatrix Video Wall Solution incorporates four 46-inch LCDs

NEC's TileMatrix Video Wall Solution is a commercial product, but, hey, it would look pretty sweet in our homes too.

Feb. 28, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

We’re seeing more and more installations lately—maybe it’s because we’ve been going over our annual Home of the Year Awards submissions—that involve wild multiple TV setups on one wall. Came across a product from NEC that was announced this week, that, although it’s for commercial applications, I get the sneaky suspicion that there will be at least a few people asking pros to get their hands on it.

NEC’s TileMatrix Video Wall Solution features four of the company’s 46-inch MultiSync LCD4620-2-IT displays. Sure, it’s designed for retail digital signage and corporate settings, and the estimated street price of $19,000 is more company than individual chunk of change, but I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if this showed up in some residences.

It includes the four 46-inch LCDs with super narrow bezels for a more seamless display, but the TileMatrix technology gives this solution even more beef. It allows for video walls to have up to 25 displays (5 x 5) and require only one video source. To give you a preview of our award winners, let’s just say one has a video wall basically only used as a photo slideshow over a half dozen TVs.

The sets are 1366 x 768 native resolution with a contrast ratio of 1800:1, NEC says, to offer crisp imagery. There’s even a real-time clock for content scheduling and sleep/wake management, to help with the video wall’s energy efficiency (at least if you’re not counting the fact that you have four TVs running simultaneously).

Read the entire press release here.

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