NBC to Offer Its Own Downloads


Much of NBC’s programming, including “Heroes” and “The Office” will be available for download. Heroes Photo: © 2007 NBC/Paul Drinkwater

The network will cut out the middleman (Apple) and offer up free downloads of its shows starting this fall.

Sep. 20, 2007 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Looks like NBC is giving the finger to Apple in a big way. Not only have they severed ties with the company’s iTunes service, but they just announced that they plan to offer their own downloads via the NBC Web site.

Even better—each download will be FREE. That’s the way to do it, fellas. After all, it’s working for ABC!

The service will be called NBC Direct. “The New York Times” says that each show will be available immediately after it airs, for up to seven days. After that, it must self-destruct or something.

To start, only Windows users will be able to watch. NBC is hoping to add on Mac support some time during 2008.

You can also sign up to have certain shows delivered every week, so you won’t miss one minute of the action—or the un-skipable advertising that will be sandwiched in between episodes.

I really hope that NBC uses ABC as a model. They have the ads, but very few and they’re very short.

NBC Direct will kick off in November.





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