Multi-screen Kitchen for Sports Lover


Four TVs in the kitchen plus an attached home theater connected by Control4.

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Usually when we cover high-tech kitchens, we’re checking out the high-end appliances, maybe the internet-connected refrigerator or the touchpanel that allows the homeowner to view menus alongside security-camera images.

In this case, the owner of this high-tech kitchen had one thing in mind—sports. “I do not want to miss any second of a game,” explained the bachelor-owner of this home to Jacek Zaworski of Procom Enterprises, the CE Pro who took on the job.

The owner of this 6,000 square-foot home spends a lot of time in his kitchen, often entertaining guests while enjoying a sporting event. The last thing he wanted was to miss a portion of the excitement while preparing snacks or drinks for his guests. So rather than rely on a DVR to simply replay a critical fumble, he asked to be surround by televisions at all times. The result is a kitchen with four LCD TVs, plus a computer monitor.

Hidden in a kitchen cabinet is the computer connected to the countertop monitor. There is a desktop computer hidden in one of the kitchen cabinets. With that he can check his email or tune into one of the many music services he uses or the large collection of movies and music stored on a separate networked hard drive. Audio for the kitchen gear comes from a pair of installed Klipsch speakers.

And when the owner turns away from the four kitchen TVs, he finds himself facing a 50-inch flat-panel TV mounted above a fireplace. If that picture still isn’t enough to satisfy his sports needs, he presses a button on an iPad to lower a 135-inch projection screen, turning the living room into a home cinema. The theater’s projector hangs from the ceiling between the kitchen and the living room, while the Integra surround receiver is housed below in the basement.

While he may be surrounded with displays, at some point the owner has to go to bed, but he doesn’t have to miss anything. An additional bedroom TV and surround sound system allows him to continue where he left off.

The entire system, including a 400-disc Blu-ray player and several cable boxes, are integrated into a Control4 system and accessed via apps on an iPad. Lighting, security, specific scenes (Party Time, Game Time, Movie, Good Night) are also control via iPad or iPhone Control4 apps.

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