Movies We Don’t Want in 3D


As a rule, avoid these themes in 3D flicks.

May. 26, 2010 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

3D wish lists are everywhere. We want Iron Man in 3D, along with virtually every movie that has “Star” in its title, or Keanu Reeves in its credits.

But the movies you don’t want to see in 3D probably outnumber the flicks worthy of an extra dimension.

In particular, themes that may be found in medical texts generally make poor 3D fare for the movie-going public.

Scenes with vomit or other grossities spewing from the mouth (or ears or eyes, for that matter), are best contained within the two dimensions of a television screen.

Other 3D taboos: John Waters, Shirley Maclaine and fake exploding birds.

Other than The Exorcist (for the vomit, not the violence) and Birdemic, you won’t find other horror flicks on this list. A survey of my peers reveals that indeed some of them would like to see Carrie, Psycho (the original) and The Chainsaw Massacre in 3D.

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