Monster Headphones to Do the Shuffle Soon

monster headphones

Monster Cable headphones, like the Turbine In-Ear Speakers, will soon be able to work the new iPod Shuffle

Monster Cable has announced that it will be able to support the new Apple Shuffle and its VoiceOver technology through a headphone adapter.

Mar. 16, 2009 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Still biting your lip over the release of Apple’s new iPod Shuffle that puts all of the controls on its proprietary earbuds?

Read quite a few negative notes on that move, as those babies are, shall we be polite, less than popular for many when it comes to enjoying Apple’s portable products.

Well, maybe Monster Cable heard the rumblings too. The company was quick to put out a release saying it would be bringing full compatibility with the Shuffle to its headphones in the near future.

Not many details available yet, but from the company itself (minus some fluff): Monster announced that within the next few months its line of high-quality headphones will integrate full support for Apple’s third-generation iPod shuffle with VoiceOver. Monster’s lineup will provide users with a convenient on-cord control that gives them access to their iPod’s playlists and also lets them adjust play, pause and volume functions – all while hearing their iPod shuffle “speak” to them. Monster will also soon introduce a special adapter for adding iPod shuffle VoiceOver control to any headphone.

So apparently Monster will be one of Apple’s faves in terms of licensing the technology to make those headphones really sing with the Shuffle and its authentication chip.

Hey, as long as the headphones stay firmly put in our ears when we’re walking or jogging, we’re interested. No word on pricing, so we’ll keep our fingers crossed for an attractive retail tag.


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