MLB.TV Loads Up, Drops Price for 2009

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MLB.TV has added several new features for 2009

With a slew of new features, including high-def and in-game DVR capabilities, the premium version of MLB.TV streaming looks like a home run this season.

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Major League Baseball is already off to a sweet start for 2009 with its MLB Network that launched January 1. Now we can turn our attention to its streaming video service, MLB.TV, which looks like it’s gone Tampa Bay Rays on us (OK maybe it wasn’t that dreadful to begin with) as a potential star for the 2009 season.

For one thing, the yearly price for the MLB.TV Premium package—we’ll stick to discussing that one here because it’s where all the new features are—was dropped $10 to $109.95 (you can pay $19.95 monthly).

The juiced-up MLB.TV Premium subscription brings on seven new features for 2009:

  • High-definition video, where available
  • Live in-game DVR capability
  • Live picture-in-picture
  • Multi-game viewing options
  • Live game chat
  • Game radio option
  • Player tracker

That looks like its got a lot of bases covered for just over a hundred bucks. Plenty of high-def during the season (not sure if every cable provider that offers MLB’s package is the same way, but I know mine only serves the standard-def broadcasts) if you’ve got a nice PC monitor setup or hooking into a big screen; multi-game viewing to catch four games at once; social networking/trashtalking in-game; and easy access to your fantasy stats.

You also get the features already there (and still there for $79.95 yearly subscribers) on regular ol’ MLB.TV, like home and away feeds where available, live game highlights and PC/Mac compatibility.

If you’re a baseball junkie it sounds like your head might start spinning come April.

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