Mitsubishi Adds LaserTV into the Mix


Currently, there’s no word on how many size choices will be available for LaserTV.

The manufacturer adds another new TV technology into your high-def decision process.

Jan. 08, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

So Mitsubishi decided to drop their own bomb at CES, and add yet another TV technology into the already overcrowded mix.

LaserTV boasts twice the color of current high-def TVs. Not sure if you’d be able to spot it unless it was next to another, lesser TV, but hey—it looks good and gives off sort of a 3-D thing, without the need for the goofy paper glasses.

According to Mitsubishi’s press release, “Today’s HDTVs display less than 40 percent of the color spectrum that the eye can see.” The new set is supposed to do twice that. Not to complain, but where’s my other 20 percent? Maybe next year.

One other thing about the laser technology—you guessed it—it boasts lower power consumption. Not too many other specs were available; we’re guessing that they’re waiting until their spring line show.

Expect LaserTVs to ship later this year.

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