Theater Mission Not - So - Impossible


This homeowner was told that his project was the impossible dream. Now it's a reality.

Aug. 16, 2007 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

When this homeowner met with Magnolia Home Theater, he didn’t have high hopes. You see, he had already been discouraged by two other custom install companies. It seems that his home theater dreams were just that—dreams.

He wanted to mount a 50-inch plasma in the staircase in order to open up his living room and have a larger viewing distance. He also wanted a surround sound system that did not shake the walls in his townhouse.

The first challenge was the insane angle of the staircase where the TV and speakers would be mounted. The only way Magnolia could think of to be able to get a 60-inch plasma on the wall in this spot was to go down the local Home Depot and get wood to build a scaffold, which worked out great.

Another challenge was the multiple fire blocks, due to it being the main load-bearing wall. After making their way though that, the installer had to pull all the wires 50 feet away to a back bedroom where the equipment rack was to be located.

The most insane part of the whole shebang? There was only one day to finish the job.

Needless to say, the job was done in a day—actually, in just 14 hours. Aside from a great story, the 60-inch Pioneer Elite flanked by the Mythos speakers mounted in a staircase in a nice unique showpiece.


Magnolia Home Theater
1501 Rineheart Road
Sanford, FL


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