Mio Wants to Moov GPS


Mio’s new Moov models are skipping the add-on A/V features.

New GPS line boasts new software interface and a nice starting price.

Mar. 25, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Four new GPS systems will soon be hitting the road, boasting a new way to get you from point A to B in a timely manner.

Mio has announced the Moov family, four new navigation devices, each boasting a freshly designed interface. This is the first crop where Mio has designed the software in-house, which was made possible thanks to their recent purchase of Navman.

There’s no MP3, no video and no showing off photos. Instead of making a multitask item, Mio has just concentrated on making the Moov do what it’s designed to do.

The Mio Moov 300 ($229.95) and 310 ($249.95) each have a 4.3-inch widescreen, with text-to-speech functionality. The systems also include 3.5 million points of interest, such as gas stations and restaurants. The 310 also comes with a year’s worth of the Traffic Messaging Channel (TMC), which provides real-time traffic and detour updates.

The Mio Moov 200 ($179.95) and 210 ($199.95) are slightly smaller, each with a 3.5-inch square-shaped display. They also include text-to-speech and the same points of interest. The 210 also comes with a year of TMC for free.

All four Moov models will be available on April 1. 

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