Middle Atlantic EGR Series Racks Your Gear, Wastes No Space


Middle Atlantic's new rack system brings features from its other series, but adds new pre-drilled sides with laser knockout mounting holes, new brackets and unique cable-entry doors.

Oct. 08, 2010 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Have you ever marveled at the engineering inside a motorhome? Tables turn into beds, sinks turn into cutting boards, and bathrooms turn into showers. There is no wasted space. The new EGR Series rack enclosures from Middle Atlantic Products are equally judicious, and at the ready for all your A/V gear.

In addition to the features of Middle Atlantic’s other rack series, EGR Series racks feature the new “V-system” pre-drilled sides with laser knockout mounting holes on a 5 1/4-inch grid. This eliminates field drilling to mount small components by allowing your custom electronics pro to simply knock out any of the precut holes and use the company’s stud to provide a mounting point.

There are a variety of new brackets designed for the V-System that can be used to provide mounting points for large and small equipment, cable tie points and power strip mounting, even rear rackrail in full height or partial height sections.

Lastly, there is a unique optional cable-entry door that comes with a brush grommet “arch” that can be installed in the top or bottom of the opening. Because of its design, it can be installed before or after the cables, front or rear.

Also, Middle Atlantic’s rack bay extenders let you add depth to the front or back of an existing rack. These allow the use of existing doors, handles, and similar elements while adding 3 inches to the usable bay depth. Extenders can also be stacked to achieve greater depth — no wasted space!

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