Microsoft Offers $10K Makeover


Win Microsoft’s Digital Makeover, and you could insert your photo here.

Prove your "disconnected" lifestyle, and you could win a king's ransom in geek toys.

Mar. 25, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

They may not know anything about wardrobe or pickup lines, but Microsoft wants to offer someone a digital makeover.

To celebrate and plug the release of its Extenders for Windows Media Center, Microsoft is running a Digital Makeover Contest. The $10,000 prize package will include a new Windows Media Center PC, the aforementioned Extenders, a flat-screen TV, and wireless home network.

“Connected entertainment is all about enjoying high quality digital content both on your PC and on TV sets around the home,” said Ron Pessner, general manager for Windows Media Center. “We are excited to bring that vision to life today with the technology behind Windows Media Center and Media Center Extenders.”

To enter, you’ll need to submit a 2-minute video showing your how “disconnected” your digital lifestyle is now. OK—so maybe most of you won’t qualify, but sign up your parents, siblings and/or friends, and snag some of the booty when they are knee-deep in wires trying to hook everything up.

Entries are being ” title=“accepted online”>accepted online from now through April 18. A winner will be announced by April 30.

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