MetaRip Adds 400-CD Collection to Your Server

metarip anthology

MetaRip’s Anthology #1: Popular Essentials contains 400 CDs

MetaRip's Anthology offering gives you the music in CD, WAV and MP3 form, plus complete metadata, album art and even a coffee table book.

Apr. 15, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

How full is your media server with tunes? Maybe you just entered the media server fray and haven’t ripped all of your tunes yet, or maybe you’ve always been more of a radio guy and not bought many CDs.

If you’re dealing with a professional electronics installer, check on a service called MetaRip, which rips huge music collections to your servers, doing all the work for you—and boosting your music collection if it needs a boost.

MetaRip’s latest partnership with Alliance Entertainment has allowed it to offer Anthology collections for media servers. Up first: Anthology #1: Popular Essentials. It’s chock full of 400 of the best albums of all time, and they come as original CDs in jewel cases, encoded to WAV, encoded to MP3, and with comprehensive GD3 metadata for your server.

Cover art is scanned at 1,000 pixels so you’ll have that in pristine form, plus you also get the entire collection as an album book for your coffee table. Certainly a great conversation piece, when you consider the great list of albums that’s included, from Abba to Zevon, Warren—with plenty of Beatles, Bob Dylan, Frank Sinatra, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd in between.

Check out or ask your local A/V dealer more about it.

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