Memorex Busts Out Budget Blu-ray Player

memorex mvbd-2510

Memorex’s MVBD-2510 Blu-ray player

The MVBD-2510 Blu-ray disc player from Memorex will be available for $269 in November.

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We won’t hold our breath that the price is a sign of things to come from other Blu-ray manufacturers, but those looking for a budget Blu-ray player will be happy to hear that Memorex has a $269 model coming out in November.

The company’s MVBD-2510 looks like it has the basics for the Blu-ray fan who wants the high-def movies and isn’t asking for a whole lotta jazz to go with—which, judging from what you told us when asked if you trade up for downloadable extras, is the majority.

With the MVBD-2510 touting BonusView 1.1, and not BD-Live 2.0, the only downside for Memorex is it can’t play off of its old marketing slogan, with a Blu-ray spin of course, which could have asked “Is it BD-Live, or is it Memorex?” They’ll have to wait for the next model I guess.

What the MVBD-2510 does give you is 1080p video in 24p and 60p frame rates, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio bitstream audio playback, and 7.1-channel HDMI or 5.1 analog output.

It comes in a pretty sharp chassis, too, with brushed metal accents and a white LED display. And of course that price tag is pretty sleek too.

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