McIntosh Puts Together ‘Classic System’ for Anniversary

mcintosh classic

McIntosh’s MC75 monoblock tubed amplifier and C22 preamplifier

In honor of its 60th anniversary, McIntosh Laboratory has introduced a limited-edition 'Classic System' featuring updated reissues of early '60s components.

Mar. 31, 2009 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

A legendary audio manufacturer celebrating a milestone anniversary can make for an interesting combination. McIntosh Laboratory has more history than most, and the company is harking to its past to help toast its 60th anniversary.

McIntosh has put together a limited edition “Classic System” that features amplification and preamplification that dates back to the early 1960s. No, you’re not getting the originals, but you’ll get updated gear modeled after classic pieces if you want one of the 120 sets available.

The classic system includes a pair of MC75 monoblock tube amplifiers, modeled after the 1961 originals, and the C22 preamplifier, whose original came out in 1962.

The Kennedy-era pieces come packaged with a special numbered version of McIntosh’s tabletop book for the love of music, autographed by author Ken Kessler, McIntosh co-founder and audio engineer Sidney Corderman and company president Charlie Randall.

If you’re a major McIntosh enthusiast, you’ll want to start saving up and acting quickly on this throwback system—only 120 will be available in North America, with a retail tag of $15,000.

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