McIntosh Pumps Out New Center Channel Speaker, SACD Player and Trio of Amps

mcintosh amp

McIntosh’s MC2301 vacuum tube power amplifier

McIntosh Laboratory has five new products to offer its loyal customer base, including three high-performance, powerful amplifiers.

Jun. 03, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Brand loyalty for consumer electronics isn’t all that different from loyalty in sports. Some names just have their devoted followers, and McIntosh Laboratory is high on that list. Just ask the DIYer who has almost 100 bits of McIntosh gear, or enthusiast Jack Nicholson—note the rack of trademark Mac gear during one of the climactic scenes in “The Departed,” and there’s a reason it’s there.

Well, the Binghamton, NY, manufacturer has several new products this week, so we wanted to give you a look of course. Check out the slideshow for the nitty gritty.

The roster additions include:
MC2301 300-watt vacuum tube power amplifier (MSRP $11,000), the company’s first fully-balanced tube amp
MA7000 integrated amplifier ($8,000), Mac’s most powerful integrated amp ever at 250 watts per channel
MA6600 integrated amplifier ($6,000), with 200 watts per channel
XCSIK Center Channel loudspeaker ($17,500), a full-range line array in the XRT Series
MCD301 SACD/CD player ($4,500), with dynamic 24-bit PCM resolution

The products are now available through authorized McIntosh dealers. I think Jack will probably treat himself to one or two if the Lakers win the title.

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