McIntosh Joins Blu-ray Game with Universal Player


McIntosh’s MVP881BR Universal Audio/Video Player

The venerable audio company will bow its MVP881BR Universal Audio/Video Player in October.

Aug. 19, 2009 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Last month, we pondered where the luxury Blu-ray players were?

That was when Lexicon introduced its first Blu-ray model, the $3,499 THX-certified BD-30 model. Yesterday another high-class electronics company announced its first player, as McIntosh, known for the cool blue meters on its products faceplates, took a different shade of Blu.

The Binghamton, N.Y.-based manufacturer had several product announcements, perhaps none more anticipatory than its MVP881BR Universal Audio/Video Player. Unfortunately it was one that didn’t have a price announced yet, but does have a scheduled release date of October.

As a universal player, it also supports audiophile formats SACD and DVD-Audio, as well as CD and DVD. And as far as we know that makes it the third such player available, following Denon’s DVD-A1UDCi ($3,800) and Oppo’s BDP-83 player ($499). With McIntosh’s cache and luxury high-performance history, we’re guessing the price will be more like (and more than) Denon’s than Oppo’s, and we’re also guessing there will be plenty of McIntosh loyalists looking forward to adding the distinctive logo again to their A/V racks.

The MVP881BR also features:

  • BD-Live Profile 2.0 support
  • On-board audio decoders for DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD
  • Multichannel analog outputs
  • Custom linear power supply
  • Fully balanced 2-channel audio design
  • 32-bit/192kHz DACs
  • 1080p/24 and 60 frame output
  • Backlit, learning IR remote

Among McIntosh’s other product announcements, for your fully loaded Mac system, are the MEN220 Room Correction System for audio optimization ($4,500; October); the MR88 AM/FM/XM/HD Radio Tuner ($4,000; currently available); the MX150 12-channel AV Preamplifier/Processor ($12,000; October); and the sweet 60th anniversary product the MXA60 Integrated Audio System that includes a preamp with vacuum tube and integrated speakers ($7,500; October).

With its first Blu-ray player and the other highlight product intros, it’ll certainly be an anniversary for McIntosh to celebrate loudly.

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