McIntosh Enters Power Conditioning Market

mcintosh mpc1500

McIntosh’s MPC1500 Power Controller

McIntosh's MPC1500 Power Controller is the company's first in the power conditioning category, with an SRP of $4,500.

Jul. 16, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

We know how powerful McIntosh amplifier products are, but for the first time the company is releasing a product designed to control and enhance power.

McIntosh’s MPC1500 Power Controller is its first in the power control category, and its job is to deliver isolation from AC line interference, reduced noise and max power transfer so you can get the most from your rack of electronics gear (especially the integrated McIntosh components).

There’s no audible noise emitted from the MPC1500 transformer itself, and a quick-acting surge suppression circuit has a clamping voltage onset of about 2V above peak nominal voltage, according to McIntosh, so your equipment will be well protected during storms and spikes.

The company says its six duplex outlets are “medical-grade” quality, so you know they’re emergency-ready, and they can hook up 12 separate components with a total current draw of 1,350 watts, 11.2 amps.

You can configure outlets to operate uniformly or in a number of modes, such as ON (outlets powered on even when the MPC1500 is off), GLOBAL (outlets switched on in groups) or LOCAL (outlets switched on individually).

Like other McIntosh products, this one fits the aesthetic, with the company’s trademark illuminated glass front panel along with two custom “blue eyes” meters. SRP on the MPC1500 is $4,500.

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