Master Suite Converts to Theater with One Button Push


GOLD WINNER: Master Suite (Photo by Jim Bowers)

Built into the footboard, a flat-panel TV transforms this master suite into a nightly theater.

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At first glance this master suite looks like any other well-appointed bedroom. Press a button on a Crestron remote, however, and it becomes something totally different.

In a matter of seconds, the 400-square-foot space turns into a full-fledged theater, with a 5.1 surround-sound system and a 40-inch Samsung LED TV that rises quietly from the footboard of a custom-crafted king-size bed.

It all starts by selecting a video source on the Crestron remote. The owners’ choices include an Apple TV box, Kaleidescape media server, live or recorded shows from a high-def DirecTV receiver, and a docked iPod. The Samsung TV connects directly to the Internet, so they can access web videos, too.

By the time the TV has ascended from its hiding place, the show of choice is on the screen and the audio is firing through inconspicuous in-ceiling speakers from SpeakerCraft, all tilted toward the headboard of the bed, and custom Leon speakers flanking the TV. A Velodyne subwoofer, stowed behind a bedside nightstand, completes the room’s A/V arrangement.

“I wouldn’t say the bedroom system rivals the dedicated theater in this house, but it’s still a powerful system, especially for a bedroom,” says Ryan Downing, design engineer and project manager at Integrated Home Systems in Reno, Nev.

Of course, creating the perfect movie-viewing environment takes more than just turning on an A/V system. The remote can darken the space by commanding the Lutron lighting system to dim the lamps and several massive floor-to-ceiling shades to lower over the windows.

A web-connected Samsung TV rises out of the custom concealment to allow the homeowner to watch Apple TV and Kaleidescape content in comfort. Photo by Jim Bowers

Dark, private and with plentiful entertainment options, this master bedroom has become a favorite respite. Still, thanks to routines programmed into the Crestron system by Integrated Home Systems, the homeowners can easily stay in touch with the rest of the house.

For example, when the doorbell rings, a real-time image from the surveillance camera by the front gate pops onto on the TV screen. The owners can speak with the guest via the intercom feature on the bedroom telephone and unlock the gate from its dialpad or from the Crestron remote.

A Crestron touchpanel mounted at the entrance of the connected master bath offers other opportunities to control systems outside of the suite. The owners can light a path to the kitchen, turn off all the lights before bed, activate a snowmelt system — the owners’ iPhone can issue these commands, too — and view the security camera. A Séura mirror TV can be activated from the touchpanel, too.

Built behind a special mirror, the 15-inch screen can only be seen when it’s active, and the owners can choose video from the same sources that are available in the bedroom. A movie might be too long to watch while soaking in the tub, but the owners often use the bathroom A/V system to catch the news or to play music through the built-in bathroom speakers.

They don’t even have to leave the water to switch from video to music. A waterproof Crestron remote sits at the edge of the tub, ready to control this multifaceted entertainment sanctuary.

Fitting In
It takes a special footboard — and a lot of planning — to integrate a 40-inch TV, a speaker and a processor into the design of a king-size bed. Here’s how the custom electronics professionals at Integrated Home Systems accomplished the feat:

Chose super-thin components. The Samsung LED TV measures just 1.2 inches deep, and the attached Leon split center-channel speaker was custom-made to snugly flank the screen.

Measured carefully. After the equipment for the footboard was selected, Integrated Home Systems provided the carpenter with the exact measurements of each component, including the motorized lift.

Communicated with the craftsmen. The CE pros worked closely with the builder of the custom bed to ensure that the inside of the footboard would have the necessary space for cabling and ventilation.

Programmed wisely. A system like this could have required the owners to press several buttons to raise the TV and get the room ready for a movie. To make the transition seamless, Integrated Home Systems programmed one command onto
the Crestron remote to turn on the TV, switch it to the chosen video source, lift it from the footboard and activate the surround-sound system.

Systems Design & Installation
Integrated Home Systems
Reno, Nev.

Richie Architect LLC
Reno, Nev.

Lake Crest Homes
Reno, Nev.

New Faces Cabinetry, White Sierra Construction
Reno, Nev.

Room Size
Bedroom: 400 sq. ft.
Bath: 311 sq. ft.

Crestron Equipment:
(3) CNAMPX16x60 amplifiers
(2) TPS-6L
(2) WPR-48
(12) MLX-2
(2) APAD
(10) CNX-RMC

(7) HR22 directv receivers
(4) H23 directv receivers
(2) kaleidescape 1080p players
(1) kaleidescape 1U server
(6) apple TV’s
(2) Crestron idocs
(4) Wii
(4) xbox360
(4) PS3
(1) Toshiba HD DVD player
(1) Sony BDP-S550 bluray
(1) Yamaha auto play grand piano

(7) Samsung 40” LED UN40B7000
(2) Samsung 32” LED LN32B650
(1) Samsung 52” LCD LN53B750
(1) Panasonic Premier 65” Plasma TH65VX100U
(1) Seura S-R-2436-20
(1) Seura S-R-2436-15

Power Conditioning
(3)Richard Gray RGPC-600
(2) PS Audio IPC-8000
(2) Furman M10
(5) Panamax SP8-AV

Middle Atlantic
(3) WRK-37SA-27
(3) MW-4QFT-FC
(3) CBS-WRK-27
Lots of blanks and shelves

Leon Speakers
(2) HZ414XA

Speakercraft Speakers
(23) AIM7 DT ONE
(10) AIM 8 ONE
(14) CRS 6 TWO
(2) OE 5 ONE
(2) MT 6 TWO
(2) OE DT5 ONE
(2) OE 5 ONE


Genelec Speakers
(3) AIW-26
(4) AIW-25

Velodyne Subwoofers
(2) SC-10
(2) SC-15
(1) M&K 10
(2) SC1250 AMP

SIM2 C3X1080 projector
Lexicon MC12-HDEQ w/ LIVE feature

Sanus TV mounts

Axis 241Q video server
Dell power connect 2748
(5) Netgear FS605 switches
(2) Pakedge WAP-C3-01
Pakedge WAP-W3-01


DSC Security system

Lots and lots of Liberty Wire and Cable

Tributaries HDMI and balanced audio cables

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