MartinLogan Unveils Beautiful Ethos Speaker


The new $6,495/pair model from electrostatic speaker manufacturer MartinLogan is impressive in looks and sound.

Jun. 18, 2010 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

It’s hard not to drool over MartinLogan‘s exquisite electrostatic speakers. What can we say—some loudspeakers can double as sculpture-like works of art for your media room. Just ask this DIYer MartinLogan loyalist, for example.

The Lawrence, Kan.-based company recently added another gem to its collection by offering its new Ethos model, which carries forth aspects of the company’s flagship CLX speaker. Not quite as pricey as the CLX models, but still filling its spot in the middle-to-higher end step up area for audiophiles, the Ethos speakers run $6,495 per pair.

Delivering the sweet sounds are features such as MartinLogan’s XStat electrostatic technology, digital signal processing and Vojtko crossover network. As with other electrostatic models from MartinLogan, the company says its Ethos dipole transducers radiate sound with equal intensity from the front and back to help reduce reflections and increase clarity.

The statuesque speaker’s transducer stands 44 inches tall and is 9.2 inches wide, and is housed in an aluminum AirFrame and incorporates Vacuum Bonding and MicroPerf technology; the company says its engineers decreased the gauge thickness of the steel stators to achieve the look of a virtual vanishing act by the electrostatic panel while you’re listening.

Speaking of the actual listening, don’t worry about the Ethos’ ability to go low—it also includes an 8-inch PoweredForce woofer and 8-inch passive radiator, plus 24-bit Vojtko DSP engine and 200-watt Class D amp to tackle frequencies down to 34Hz.

And yeah, while you’re busy gawking over their looks, you might want to remember that you’ll probably enjoy hearing the sounds that emanate from the Ethos even more.

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