Mark Levinson Bows No502 Media Console

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Mark Levinson’s No502 Media Console

Luxury high-performance from Mark Levinson comes next in the elegant No502 Media Console A/V processor.

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What’s on the horizon for luxury high-performance A/V manufacturer Mark Levinson? The company announced the launch of a new series of products with the No502 Media Console, which upon first glance appears to be a sign of more great components to come in the unnamed series.

The No502 is a beast of an A/V processor, providing a combination of Levinson’s superb build quality and its elegant aesthetics, right down to the backlit engraved-glass logo on the front panel.

The No502, which continues in the tradition of Levinson’s No40 HD Media Console, employs two separate power supplies for completely isolating the digital and analog signal paths, and all of the analog audio signals are sent inside the aluminum chassis as differential (balanced) signals to cancel out any common-mode noise. An 18-layer video circuit board with minimal surface etches aids in reducing radiated emissions within the chassis.

True detail is in the ear of the beholder, with the No502’s adjustment range of 120dB and Harman International’s Logic 7 technology, to go with the array of Dolby and DTS listening modes.

Video detail is just as sharp, with 1080p/24Hz inputs and outputs and optimized scaling and enhancement of compressed DVD and TV broadcasts. You’ll see what’s on the theater or TV screen on the console’s front panel as well in a graphic user interface (GUI) that’s intuitive and simple to operate. You can dedicate certain activities and program personal settings for each, and the No502 also gives you state-of-the-art auto calibration to maximize your setup.

Look for the No502 from authorized Mark Levinson dealers, with an MSRP of $35,000.

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