Make Your Disc Skips Go Away


VenMill’s Skip-Away

VenMill Industries offers Skip-Away product to repair, clean and maintain disc media.

Feb. 21, 2007 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

If you dread knowing that one of your favorite CDs is going to skip at 2:03 of track 2, or that movie DVD you watch over and over can’t make it through chapter 10 cleanly, you might want to check out Skip-Away.

VenMill Industries offers the Skip-Away unit for disc cleaning and repair, taking a “non-aggressive approach” to cleaning and repairing scratched DVDs, CDs, game discs and even high-definition DVDs quickly while maintaining the integrity of information stored on the disc, the company says.

The Skip-Away uses VenMill’s OptoClear Technology, and the company recommends it for fanatical gamers, digital photographers, movie buffs and music enthusiasts with collections of up to 500 discs. The device will repair and clean any disc with no wax filling or abrasive sanding, and should be used for regular maintenance with 10-second disc cleanings, VenMill says.

VenMill has the Skip-Away available for $249 at, and it is at retailers nationwide as well.

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