Luxul’s Pro-WAV PWK-1 Board Mounted Range Extender Kit

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The Pro-WAV Board Mounted Range Extender Kit combines a X-WAV Circular Polarized antenna with the Shock-WAV Wi-Fi Signal Booster in one convenient, easy to install solution. Because of the directional nature of the antenna, this kit is best used when mounted at an extremity of the desired coverage area, such as an attic, side wall, or bottom corner. When properly deployed, this product is capable of providing 10,000 square feet or more of Wi-Fi coverage from a single WAP or Router.

FCC Certified Pro-WAV Board Mounted Range Extender Kit includes: Shock-WAV™ 802.11b/g Signal Booster, X-WAV™ CP (Circularly Polarized) Antenna, 2-Coax Cables, One 48VDC Universal Input Power Supply, One Antenna Mount with Adaptor and 3 Mounting Screws, One Mounting Board, Velcro, Quick Install Guide, Netgear WAP (Wireless Access Point)

Certified for use with the Netgear WG103

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