Loiminchay Crafts Wooden Speakers

Loiminchay Kandinsky

Loiminchay’s Kandinsky offer a handcrafted horn/hybrid speaker setup.

The pen maker is putting its efforts into the handcrafted Kandinsky speaker set.

Aug. 14, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Loiminchay is really known for their fine pens. Now it looks as though they are rewriting their company mission—and going for the audio market.

While this is one of the weirdest CE switches we’ve ever seen, the Kandinsky is certainly an impressive effort. These limited edition speakers are handcrafted, designed by Patrick Chu—the same guy that did the pens. Apparently, he had the urge to rock and a team in China that could make his vision happen.

The cabinets are constructed from Birch MultiPly laminate. After the carving is complete, each one gets 16 coats of hand-polished lacquer, just to make sure it’s sealed with no air bubbles. Sure they look pretty, but do they have a sound to match?

The company says each one has a 19-inch horn driven by a custom 2-inch driver to handle frequencies from 750Hz to 27kHz. The top layer is hand-sculpted from layers of 30mm/1.2-inch Birch MultiPly laminate. The bass module has the same construction, with a 12-inch woofer mounted on a 1-inch driver. Inside, a 10-inch midbass driver enhances that woofer. It can also go down to 30Hz, 90dB/2m efficiency at 8 ohms, with 200-watt power handling. Whew!

Loiminchay hasn’t announced any pricing, but we’ve seen some sites quoting anywhere from $45,000 to $75,000 per pair, depending on the finish.

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