Logitech Adds Extra Audio to Notebooks


Logitech’s AudioHub allows for sound and other accessories, via a single cable to your laptop computer.

The 2.1 AudioHub speaker system is compact, and includes space for three extra USB devices.

Sep. 11, 2007 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

It’s getting so that even a laptop isn’t very mobile anymore. There’s just too many accessories to schlep around.

Now Logitech is throwing the AudioHub, a 2.1 sound system, into that already-crowded backpack. While my little shoulders can’t bear the weight of another add-on, have you ever tried to listen to iTunes out of a laptop? Rocking out is virtually impossible.

The system does a nice job of staying out of the way, tucking all of the speakers behind your laptop. They’ve even added a cable hook to keep wire clutter to a minimum. Air guitar won’t be the same as with your home stereo, but for $100, it’s not such a bad setup.

Just to make the unit more enticing, they’ve added three extra USB ports. Now you might want to think about upgrading that backpack…

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