Livin’ in Paradise


The aesthetic goals for this home theater were to create a simple, elegant, timeless theater that is formal yet very comfortable.

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Cinema Paradiso is a story about one man’s love affair with film. It also happens to be the favorite movie of the owners of this award-winning theater. In fact, they like the movie so much, that they used in as inspiration when designing the space that would hold their grand home entertainment system. In keeping with the style of the movie, the aesthetic goals were to create a simple, elegant, timeless theater that is formal yet very comfortable. The creative design starts with a lobby where an antique gramophone is showcased, and continues with stainless steel accents found throughout the main entertainment space beyond the double doors.

In addition to developing a unique style for the room, precluding sound from seeping out into other areas of the house was a priority. Dual-layer walls were constructed and all cavities were fully insulated. Steel weatherized doors and resilient ceiling channels also help contain the sound. Acoustic paneling was added to not only isolate the sound but to also improve the imaging, sound stage and depth of movie soundtracks. The panels also add a decorative touch to the room.

The equipment chosen for the space provides the visual and audible pop of a top-notch theater. A 100-inch Stewart Filmscreen display and an InFocus DLP projector pair up for a visual presentation that’s crisp, vivid and lifelike. Flanked by elegant motorized draperies, the screen even looks great when the shows over. However, the owners can always cover it up until next time by pressing a button on a wireless Crestron touchpanel. When they’re ready to watch again, another button dims the lights, opens the curtains and revs up the audio and video equipment.


  • nFocus SP7200 video projector
  • Lutron Grafik Eye lighting control system
  • Stewart Filmscreen screen
  • Denon DVD-2900 DVD player
  • Acoustic Innovations Deco-CinemaChairs
  • Acoustic Innovations Deco-Arms
  • Acoustic Innovations Console Inlay
  • Middle Atlantic ERK-2720 equipment rack
  • Crestron STS-C17 touchscreen
  • Makita ADO-18-K motorized drapery track

Systems Design & Installation
Howell & Associates

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