Lively Sensors Help You Keep Tabs on Elderly Loved Ones


Wireless sensors track daily routines, send notifications.

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We’ve discussed recently how sensors can play an important role in today’s high-tech homes, whether they’re used for security purposes, lighting solutions and more.

Launching in July, Lively is using sensors to provide some home monitoring for elderly who wish to remain in the comfortable confines of their own homes as they age. We’ve seen how some sophisticated custom electronics pros can integrate notifications to owners and their loved ones before, even with voice reminders for taking medication and such.

The Lively sensors appear to be their own independent sensor/notification system, but we wouldn’t be surprised if some enterprising CE pros manage to find ways to integrate them into a whole-home automation system.

Lively does not rely on the Internet for communication, but does require a one-time web hookup to the base station hub. From there it runs on cellular communication for having its six passive sensors provide information to the hub, which interprets the data to make sure you or the care-giver knows the elderly loved ones are continuing about their normal routines and activities or to find out that something might be amiss.

The company says the sensors are meant to be used for monitoring “Food & Drink” activity, “Medications” and “Getting Out” and such. Once you set up the system with a circle of people who will receive notifications, the signals and information that go into the hub are shared with those family and friends in a few ways: they can check out the “at a glance” view on smartphone devices, tablets and web browsers, as well as get emails, texts and phone calls.

Because communication is such a key part of aging comfortably in place, Lively makes it a two-way street by delivering LivelyGrams from those in the circle. Through this service, you can have uploaded photos and messages sent via snail mail every couple of weeks to those you are monitoring (that way they don’t need to be connected to the Internet or on Facebook, etc) as a way to keep in touch frequently and thoughtfully.

Look for Lively in July for $149, with a $19.95 monthly subscription fee.

“Older adults and their extended family miss and crave deeper connections with each other,” says Iggy Fanlo, co-founder and CEO. “Lively’s approach leads to more dignified and meaningful conversations between older adults who live on their own and their loved ones by enabling everyone to focus on what’s really important: ‘how’ they’re feeling and ‘what’ they’re doing, rather than ‘did they take their meds’ or ‘did they drink enough water today.’ We think it’s the empowered and practical way to make the ‘connected senior’ a reality.”

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