Linksys Introduces Personal Tech Expert


LELA will start popping up on Linksys routers early this year.

New version of EasyLink Advisor makes setting up networks a snap.

Jan. 07, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

OK—you probably read the headline and figured someone was going to be on-call 24/7 to answer your 2am tech problems. Well, with the new version of EasyLink Advisor, hopefully at that point, you’ll be nestling into bed instead of fidgeting with equipment.

Linksys just announced a new and improved version of its Linksys EasyLink Advisor (LELA), which simplifies the setup process for home networking.

Once everything is set up, LELA hangs around to troubleshoot or provide updates and info about new devices attaching to the network. It lays everything out in an easy-to-read network map. And if you still have any problems, live tech support it available via WebEx.

Linksys says that since LELA is a software platform, they plan to easily add feature over time, which may include online storage and photo sharing.

The Linksys EasyLink Advisor Setup Wizard will be available on the WRT310N and WRT160N Ultra RangePlus routers starting in Q1 of 2008.

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