Linksys Dives into Wireless Home Audio

linksys wireless audio

Linksys by Cisco Wireless Home Audio family

Linksys by Cisco Wireless Home Audio systems let you route your tunes throughout the house without adding new wires.

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Unleash the power of your digital music library and free it from your computer. Sure, you say, but where to route it all, and doesn’t that mean a whole bunch of wires to do so?

No worries, says Cisco, all you need is any combination of the company’s new Linksys by Cisco Wireless Home Audio family of products, which were unveiled at CES 2009.

Ideally, you’ll let Linksys aggregate your massive digital music collection with its new Media Hub, and then let her rip through the Wireless Home Audio devices without any degradation in audio quality. Delivered around the Wireless-N network, the Linksys products range from: the all-in-one Conductor DMC350 Wireless-N Digital Music Center, the Director DMC250 Music Player with Integrated Amplifier, the Player DMP100 Wireless-N Music Extender for multiroom, and a nifty Controller DMWR1000 Wireless-N Touchscreen Remote. There’s also a Docking Station for iPod MCCI40, stereo speaker set and IR remote to enhance the systems.

For more on all of the products, including individual pricing, view the slideshow here.

To get your wireless multiroom systems booted up, Linksys is offering solutions in three packages (to go with individual product offerings):

  • Premier Kit—a two-room starter kit; has Director and IR Remote, Player and IR Remote, and Wireless-N Controller; $999.
  • Trio Kit—a kit for consumers who want to add Wireless Home Audio to their existing systems; includes two Players, two IR Remotes, and a Wireless-N Controller; $849.
  • Executive Kit—simple Wireless Home Audio addition to any room; includes a Director, IR Remote and stereo speakers.

Along with letting you grab your own digital music collection, including iTunes through the iPod dock, the Wireless Home Audio includes the ability to stream Rhapsody (with a subscription) music as well as Internet stations through RadioTime. (It all sounds a little like Sonos, another cool wireless multiroom system, no?) Plus you can tag content “favorites” so they’re even easier to access with one click.

All but the all-in-one Conductor—which features an LCD screen and integrated CD player (if you’ve got music left that’s not digitized yet) and speakers—are available now, with the Conductor coming later in Q1 of 2009.

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