Linksys Adds UltraRangePlus Networking Products


The WRT600N transmits simultaneously in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless spectrums.

The company has added an 802.11n router and a PC card to the line for those with a need for increased wireless speed.

Oct. 25, 2007 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

It looks like Linksys is finally shipping the WRT600N, an 802.11n router with support for 2.4 and GHz frequency bands. Aah… can you feel the coverage?

The idea is that you can hook up all of the computer stuff you normally clog your network with, but then have room for things like networked game consoles and set-top boxes.

Other features include the Linksys Easy Link Advisor (LELA), which gives you that extra IT help without having anyone track mud in your house. Another bonus is Storage Link, which allows inexpensive external USB drives to become networked attached storage. It’s shipping now for $279.99.

Also in the mix is the $99 WPC600N PC Card, which is another part of the UltraRangePlus line. Other products, including USB and ExpressCard adaptors, will become available from the first quarter of 2008.

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