Life|ware Launches Their First Entry Level Life|media Servers

With Their First Direct to Consumer Offering, Life|ware Plants the Seed for a Life|ware Home.

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LAS VEGAS—Today at CES, Life|ware™ launched their new entry level LMS-100 and LMS-150 Life|media™ Servers. Life|ware, the industry pioneer in Windows® Media Center-based digital entertainment and home automation, is now offering two media servers direct to consumers to provide end users with media servers that meet their personal entertainment needs.

The Life|media LMS-100 is the starting point for an all-digital future. A true workhorse with both the power and the storage to gracefully manage all of your digital media – pictures, videos, TV shows, movies, music and more in up to five zones in your home. The LMS-100 is priced at $2500 and features the following:

  * CPU - 2.33GHz Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processor
  * RAM - 2GB
  * Storage - 500GB
  * DVD Drive
  * Tuners - 2 ATSC, 2 NTSC, 1 FM
  * Graphics Card - NVidia 8400
  * OS - Windows® Vista® Home Premium operating system

With the Life|media LMS-150 consumers can up the ante to HD for receiving and recording high definition cable programming. With dual internal CableCARD-enabled tuners, consumers can simultaneously access multiple forms of broadcast content, including 2 live high definition digital cable feeds. The LMS-150 is $3500 and features:

  * CPU – 2.33 GHz Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processor
  * RAM - 2GB
  * Storage - 1 TB, RAID 0
  * DVD Drive
  * Tuners - 2 CableCARD™
  * Graphics Card - NVidia 8400
  * OS - Windows® Vista® Home Premium operating system

Life|media is a powerful Media Center PC optimized for complete digital entertainment and comprehensive home automation. With premium construction, benchmark internal components and the look and feel of a high-end A/V receiver, Life|media provides storage for digital music, movies, pictures, and recorded TV, plus instant access to Life|ware’s complete home control via your home network.

“We are planting the seeds for Life|ware systems to be in every home. And we’re making the LMS-100 and LMS-150 readily available. This is the first time we’ve also decided to sell direct to consumer via our website,” stated Life|ware’s VP of Marketing Mike Seamons. “Here at CES we are showing how this is no longer a future concept. Consumers can simplify and manage their homes. Using a Life|media as the brain of your system, consumers can be watching a movie and as the doorbell rings see who is at the door. This technology is here now.”

Life|media strives for the perfect balance between an elegant A/V style back panel and the open flexibility of using standard PC industry components. This patent pending MediaPlate™ design makes Life|media the most upgradable entertainment console on the market.

The Life|media Server line includes 16 models, ranging from the new set-top Life|media LMS-100, a $2,500 entry-level media server to a four-rack unit, ultra high-performance edition Life|media LMS-754 which retails for $15,500. All models run the Microsoft® Windows® Vista® OS and offer a range of Intel® chipsets and processors.

The Life|media LMS-754 Media Server has been recognized as a 2008 Innovations Award Winner at CES in the Integrated Home Systems category. CES attendees will be able to see Life|ware’s LMS- 754 media server in the Innovations Design and Engineering Awards Showcase at the Sands Expo and Convention Center.

For the month of January only, consumers can go to and start their own Life|ware system.

About Life|ware, from Exceptional Innovation
Based in the Westerville suburb of Columbus, Ohio, Exceptional Innovation produces Life|ware™ home control software and hardware for digital living. Life|ware creates a lifestyle experience that allows consumers to enjoy their digital entertainment, wherever and whenever they want, as well as manage their lighting, multi-room audio, HVAC, security, appliances and other subsystems, through a single interface by integrating the digital entertainment functionality of Media Center with whole-house automation and control. Led by software industry professionals with extensive experience with distributed computing based on open standards and open architecture, Exceptional Innovation combines Microsoft development expertise with years of home control experience to deliver simple, seamless, life-enhancing solutions for the digital home.

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