LG’s Wireless DVD Home Theater System

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LG’s LHT888 DVD Home Theater System

The rear speakers on the LHT888 system from LG are wireless so you don't have to worry about long speaker runs to your surround speakers.

May. 27, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

LG’s latest home theater system features a form factor inspired by the champagne flute, and we’ll raise our glass in a toast to this one for being unique looking.

The LG LHT888 DVD Home Theater Systems, which was previewed at CES, is now available at major retailers and other outlets. There’s no Blu-ray, but it looks like there’s still plenty of bang for the buck, which is $649.

That’ll get you a speaker setup that includes front and rear models shaped in slim, cascading form that will fit right into your modern, elegant living room. The rear speakers are even wireless, so no worries about clutter reaching the back of your room.

The included DVD receiver is a 700W 5.1-channel receiver and DVD player that will do 1080p upscaling through HDMI.

LG SimpLink technology allows for multi-device control of other LG products using the HDMI connection (HDMI-CEC), so you can streamline your LG TV or another LG DVD player, for example.

You can even use the USB Media Plus connectivity for easy access to your digital photos and all of the music and video you might have stored on a drive.

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