LG Will Bring 84-inch 4K 3D TV to CES


Also features 1,200 apps and the Magic Remote

Dec. 29, 2011 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

This is first one we’re sure about, but expect several more TVs like this to drop as CES week comes closer. LG let slip that it will be showing a big 4K 3D TV at CES. The 3D function is achieved through LG’s FPR technology which uses passive polarized glasses and a polarizing filter on the screen.

So far this is both the biggest 3D LED TV to be announced as well as the biggest 4K TV and the biggest FPR TV—three biggests in one TV. Way to go LG.

Again, this is no real surprise, but it’s a welcome development. The main gripe some people have against passive-style 3D TVs is that the process reduces the 3D resolution by half, meaning that you only get half resolution in each eye making the experience less than high definition. A 4K display (which LG is calling Ultra Definition) solves that problem. When the 3D image is cut in half, each eye will get a full 1080p. Problem solved. Regular old-2D content will simply be internally converted to the display’s native resolution.

The news wasn’t accompanied by any price information, but we expect this to be costly, which, ironically, bites directly into one of the main benefits of passive 3D—the glasses are really cheap.

The TV will also carry a full-suite of smart TV features including “over 1,200 apps” and a 3D Zone from which users can stream 3D movies.

For more on the future of 4K and 3D see this.

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