Let Pyramat’s Deluxe Sound Rocker Rock Your Gaming World

Pyramat rocker

Pyramat’s PM440w Deluxe Wireless Sound Rocker

Pyramat's PM440w Deluxe Wireless Sound Rocker sends bass and two-channel audio through your body during video games, movies and music.

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If your current video game, movie and music experience through a flat-panel TV and surround-sound audio isn’t enough to get your juices flowing, Pyramat wants to kick it up one more notch.

Sitting in the company’s PM440w Deluxe Wireless Sound Rocker will let you really hear every footsetp, feel every crash and absorb every punch, Pyramat says. Sound is beamed to the seat wirelessly, up to 25 feet, through a 2.4 GHz wireless transmitter.

The portable audio chair’s bass sends vibrations through you via the built-in 5.5-inch Powersub subwoofer. Two Audio Response Technology full-range ARX high-performance speakers create a personal surround-sound effect to accelerate your video games to the next level, says Pyramat.

Users can also connect to a docking station with their iPod or MP3 player and the sound rocker fills the room with music at the bush of a button. The reversible headrest and breathable dual-layered mesh backrest are ideal for extended hours of game play, the company says.

Sound Rockers are compatible with all game consoles, and audio visual devices such as a TV, VCR and DVD player. MSRP on the PM440w is $199.99.

Visit www.pyramat.com for more information.

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