Leon Speakers May Have Baddest Audio Demo at CEDIA Expo


A 16-foot dragon created by Leon Speakers spews nine channels of audio, plus fiber optic and LED lighting powered by pedestrian traffic. Start walking!

Sep. 14, 2010 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

We’re on the lookout for the biggest, baddest booths at CEDIA Expo 2010 and we may have found a contender.

CEDIA hasn’t even started but we did stumbled across a YouTube video (below) showing a giant music-breathing dragon in the labs of Leon Speakers in Ann Arbor, Mich.

Leon is best known for custom-building speakers to suit any television, cabinet or space. So this Dragon Sound Sculpture demonstrates how Leon would rise to the occasion if, for example, you have a very large listening room with a medieval theme. Or if you fancy yourself a music slayer.

Behind this 16-foot, 9-channel beast, we are told, lies:

  • Five channels of the new Leon Profile 631 three-way speakers
  • Four Aaros A10-UT ultra-thin subwoofers
  • 800 strands of fiber optic cable
  • LED lighting triggered by energy-neutral PowerLeap tiles, which convert floor traffic to electricity

The idea for the interactive sound sculpture came to Leon founder/president Noah Kaplan in a dream, according to marketing director Ethan Kaplan.

Noah Kaplan is an artist who, in the early days of Leon Speakers, used to hand-paint speakers and grille cloths with original artwork for customers. After the dragon dream, he sketched out the concept and the team went to work in Ann Arbor.

“The engineers got involved and it [Sound Sculpture] became interactive,” says Ethan Kaplan. “The audio designers got involved and it became a sonic masterpiece. The industrial designers got together and it became a visual experience.”

If Leon’s custom shop can crank out a piece like this, it should be pretty easy for them to custom-match a TV with some sleek Leon speakers.

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