Lars & Ivan Line Features Four Ways to Amplify Your iPod

grace hybrid

Grace Digital Audio’s Lars & Ivan Hybrid PA-40Ti

The Lars & Ivan compact entertainment system and speaker choices will be available from Grace Digital Audio this March.

Feb. 05, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Plugging into your iPod through headphones can be a tremendous listening experience, but what about when you want to hear some of your 10,000 songs and podcasts in the comfort of your living room and don’t feel like popping in earbuds?

Grace Digital has a new line of Lars & Ivan audio products designed to integrate the iPod into compact entertainment systems.

The line features:

Hybrid PA-40Ti, an integrated iPod tube amplifier, MSRP $449

BoBo and Cube S, two pairs of complementary speaker options, which will retail for $299 and $499 per pair, respectively

QQ2.1K, a compact speaker system that features the same acrylic and aluminum industrial design of the BoBos, for $199 retail.

The product lineup will be out in mid-March. Check out or for more.

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