Lake Home Living, with a 12-foot Theater Screen


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This part-time residence features a theater that can entertain guests with massive CinemaScope images and rockin' sound.

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If this homeowner isn’t soaking in enough of the vistas around Georgia’s Lake Lanier on his family’s weekend escapes, he can always go inside to the theater room for some pretty sweet views.

But don’t think this room appeared in a snap. It wasn’t exactly your typical unfinished basement or bonus room, according to Dennis Erskine, owner of Smyrna, Ga.-based custom installer Erskine Group.

“During the remodeling, a room previously used as an office, was gutted, the stairs removed, and the room rebuilt with full sound isolation and dedicated HVAC to serve as the home’s theater,” Erskine says.

The theater seats 12 adults to bask in the 12-foot-wide curved Stewart Filmscreen CineCurve screen. The screen can mask to different aspect ratios, with super-wide CinemaScope images filling the whole screen.

Those great images are served up by a Runco VX22D CineWide Autoscope projection system. Video is provided by a dedicated Sony Blu-ray player, a Kaleidescape HD Movie Player and an HD Satellite Receiver. “But, if that wasn’t enough,” Erskine notes, “the theater has access to the home’s full compliment of over 20 video sources and all 20+ security cameras.”

The surround sound is pretty tough to beat as well. Sound reproduction is managed in tandem by a Lexicon MC12HD prepro and a QSC DSP322UA, and audio pumps into the room from three Triad Gold Monitors, a surround array of 6 Triad Silver LCRs and four subwoofers.

The room has its own dedicated Crestron processor and TPMC-8 touchpanel, and the homeowner can manage all video, audio, security, and lighting functions throughout the house from the theater touchpanel. Now that makes for some peace of mind and relaxation at the lake house.

Systems Design & Installation
Erskine Group
Smyrna, Ga.

Runco VX22D Cinewide Autoscope
Stewart Filmscreen 144” wide Cinecurve THX screen
Lexicon MC12HD
QSC Audio DSP322UA
3 Triad Gold Monitors
6 Triad Silver LCRs
2 SVS Subwoofers
2 Triad Bronze Subwoofers
Crestron MP2E
Crestron TMPC-8
Lutron Six Zone Grafik Eye
2 Audio Control Pantages Amps
Sony Blu-ray Player
HD Satellite Receiver
Kaleidescape HD Movie Player

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