Krell Ships New Amplifiers

Krell Evolution

Krell is continues its Evolution with these high-end amplifiers.

Oct. 05, 2006 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Krell is continuing its Evolution—their line of high-end amplifiers. The company just announced two new additions. This is some serious gear, and can be expected to have the price tag to match.

The Evolution 403 is a 3-channel power amp rated at 400 watts. The 900 is a—you guessed it—900-watt amplifier. Both feature a 6000 VA power supply and Krell’s CAST (Current Audio Signal Transmission) circuitry, which boasts a smooth sound.

Other highlights include a nifty aluminum chassis and internal high current line conditioning circuitry, which filters RF noise.

No pricing was announced, but considering how much Krell normally goes for, you’d better be prepared to bust out your checkbook.

  • 403 rated at 400 watts
  • 900 rated at 900 watts
  • Both utilize a 6000 VA power supply

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