Klipsch In-Ceiling Speakers Carry THX Ultra2 Certification

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Klipsch’s KL-7502-THX LCR in-ceiling speaker

The new KL-7502-THX LCR and KS-7502-THX surround in-ceiling speakers from Klipsch feature the company's horn-loaded design, at $1,000 each.

May. 15, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

The horns are blowing with the sound of THX Ultra2 certification, and they’re coming from the ceiling. That’s Klipsch’s technology at work, as it has debuted its KL-7502-THX LCR and KS-7502-THX surround models of in-ceiling loudspeakers with such certification.

And since it’s Klipsch, the patented horn-loaded design is hard at work here.

According to the company, the in-ceiling surround is the market’s first THX Ultra2-certified such model.

The KL-7502-THX can deliver quality front-channel sound as the left, center or right speaker, or you can also use it as a rear surround. It features dual 5.25-inch Cerametallic woofers in an enclosed tuned-port chamber, plus a 1-inch titanium tweeter in a 60-90-110-degree horn with Variable Coverage Technology.

The KS-7502-THX surround features the same low-frequency driver design and crossover networks as the LCR, but the high-end comes from dual 1-inch tweeters in a vertically stacked array.

Overall, the combination will disperse surround sound smoothly throughout your room, but also nicely localize some of the individual effects for an immersive audio experience.

MSRP on both products is $1,000 each.

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