Kingdom Royal Speaker Crowned Tannoy’s Flagship


Four years of research and development went into the Kingdom Royal, which features a new 12-inch Dual Concentric driver array.

Oct. 18, 2010 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

British loudspeaker company Tannoy has for decades been a trusted manufacturer of pro audio speakers that have been used for a variety of applications that include sound reinforcement and recording studios.

The company also manufactures a complete line of residential products, which are now headlined by the newly released Kingdom Royal freestanding loudspeaker.

Tannoy released the Kingdom Royal after four years of research and development that covered engineering advancements ranging from the cabinet design and crossover network, to its proprietary Dual Concentric driver alignment. Highlighting some of the new designs the company is implementing in this speaker is an all-new 12-inch Dual Concentric that features an outer midrange driver mated to a fiber-cone, voice coil and ferrite motor system.

The speaker’s high-frequency driver couples a 3-inch heat-tempered aluminum alloy dome and tulip waveguide to a 1.5kg ferrite motor to form a horn-loaded compression driver. Tannoy also employs its SuperTweeter drive unit to extend the speaker’s top-end frequency reproduction all the way up to 54kHz.

Low-end frequency reproduction is headlined by a 15-inch woofer that’s set in a ported cabinet built with enough cubic volume dampening and bracing to provide clean bass reproduction down to 15Hz.

Controlling everything is a mechanically isolated, hardwired crossover network that utilizes components like ICW ClarityCap MR polypropylene capacitors, low-loss laminated core inductors and non-inductive, heat sink mounted thick film resistors.

Tannoy says the 8-ohm, 96dB efficient speaker can handle 300 watts of RMS power and up to 1,200 watts of peak power, and it’s capable of reproducing a frequency range of 24Hz to 54kHz.

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