Kensington Teaches No-Network Networking

Kensington ShareCentral 5

Depending on the model, the ShareCentral can share up to five devices between two computers.

The new ShareCentral line makes sharing computers and peripherals a whole lot easier.

Jul. 14, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

There are plenty of people that just can’t manage to set up a home network. Leave them with their reasons—and one of Kensington’s ShareCentral products.

Each product in this line will allow users to share peripherals aplenty, just by plugging them into a compact USB hub. Depending on the model, the unit can share up to five devices between two computers. Not too shabby.

“Everyone is mobile. Then they bring the day’s data, photos and music back to one shared, usually cramped, home computing center which the entire family needs to access in those few hours between dinnertime and bedtime,” says Frederic Frappereau, global product marketing manager at Kensington. “Up until now, they spent that precious time switching out cords and cables to connect their computers to their peripherals. Now with ShareCentral, they can focus on sharing the content, to produce creative results of which they all can be proud.”

The ShareCentral line includes the ShareCentral 5 ($80), the ShareCentral 2 ($60), and the ShareCentral 1 ($40). Each one is available now.

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