JVC Puts 4K Upscaling into 7 Home Projectors


JVC’s DLA-RS56 promises a 90,000:1 native contrast.

The company's consumer and pro side will have a total of nine new models.

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A lot of companies are getting ready for 4K. In fact, JVC has a fleet of products with a little something for future-proofers.

The company’s newly announced line of projectors includes the new e-shift2 technology, which can upconvert and scale 2D content to a 4K (3840 x 2160) signal. The tech is available on seven new projectors, along with a host of other new features.

However, not every one of JVC’s new projectors includes the 4K option. JVC’s 2013 line includes the Procision Series DLA-X95R, DLA-X75R, DLA-X55R and DLA-X35, as well as JVC Pro‘s Reference Series DLA-RS66, DLA-RS56, DLA-RS4810, DLA-RS48 and DLA-RS46.

All of the projectors include 3D and all (except for the base models) offer e-shift2. Having that 4K resolution means an image four times that of full 1080p HD. The e-shift2 perk also boasts a higher native contrast in combination with a new polarizing wire grid engine.

All JVC THX Certified Projectors also include THX 2D and 3D Cinema viewing modes. JVC also promises a better native contrast and overall 3D performance across the line, with new circuitry and a new optical engine. There’s also a new illumination system, with a new lamp and power supply. Other enhancements include new active-shutter 3D glasses, a smartphone app, and additional lens memory settings that vary by model.

The new JVC D-ILA home theater projectors will be available in November 2012, and are priced as follows:

  • DLA-X95R/DLA-RS66: $11,999
  • DLA-X75R/DLA-RS56: $7,999
  • DLA-RS4810: $5,095
  • DLA-X55R/DLA-RS48: $4,999
  • DLA-X35/DLA-RS46: $3,499

JVC’s new projector accessories include the K-AG3 RF 3D Glasses ($179), the PK-EM2 RF Emitter ($99), and the PK-L2312U Lamp ($399).

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